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Champion Communications was founded in 1988 to provide custom telephony solutions for the banking, insurance, gaming, and consumer entertainment industries. The original plan was to offer companies innovative solutions that addressed the unique challenges of their business. In time, we developed industry-wide solutions that foreshadowed some of the interactive business solutions commonly available today on web-based platforms.

Today we are a leading provider of local and toll-free numbers and service. We specialize in vanity and easy-dial number solutions for a range of businesses—from sole proprietors to Fortune 1000 companies. Our toll-free and easy dial numbers produce millions of dollars in incremental marketing revenue for advertising agencies, direct marketing platforms, and national franchises, by giving these businesses the tools they need to maximize the number of incoming calls they receive. Our affiliates program allows us to extend our reach in innovative ways.

Our Mission

To maximize value for our customers and shareholders through innovation and excellence in telephony.

Meet The Team

Greg Fernandez - Champion Communications

Greg Fernandez
President and Chief Executive Officer
As President and Chief Executive Officer he directs the mission of the company and drives our innovation and performance. Greg has been in the telephony industry since 2006, first as an end-user of vanity phone numbers and now as a nationally recognized authority on toll-free and local numbers. In addition to his duties at Champion, he has been with THE Telco, since its inception, and runs marketing and lead generation companies that use vanity phone numbers in their various marketing efforts across a variety of platforms. Greg is proud to serve as an inaugural member of the SOMOS™ Advisory Board. Greg has been married to his wife Lisa for 14 years. They enjoy living life in Southern California Wine Country with their twin four-year old daughters, Gemma and Gia. Greg’s three older children have flown the coop and live in Southern California.

Eduardo Estevez - Champion Communications

Eduardo Estevez
SVP, Chief Operating Officer

Eduardo is responsible for all the financial and operational aspects of the company. He has over 35 years of experience, as both a Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer, for companies in the manufacturing, distribution, and retail industries. He obtained his B.A. from Columbia University and his M.B.A. from the University of Florida. In addition to his current duties with the company, Eduardo consults with companies in the smart phone application and commercial beverage industries. Eduardo lives in California with his wife and children. He is a trustee of his children’s private school. Since 2001 he has been a member of the Commonwealth Club of California.

Ryan Reubelt - Champion Communications

Ryan Reubelt
VP, Sales & Marketing
As a 15+ year subject-matter expert in the digital marketing, advertising, and analytics space, Ryan brings his experience and knowledge to help expand Champion Communication’s reach throughout North America. Having led multi-million dollar digital programs for various Fortune 500 companies within the tech and manufacturing industries, his expertise continues to help create and optimize new revenue opportunities. He received his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix. In addition to Champion Communications, Ryan enjoys spending time with his children, traveling, attending music festivals, and exploring new food and wine.

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