Frequently Asked Questions

Toll-Free Questions

Toll-free numbers cannot be purchased and can only be licensed. Please contact us for long-term licensing discounts and specials.
Shared use allows for the same great toll-free number to be used by multiple companies in different market areas. For example, 1-800-777-7777 could be used by Business “A” in California and Business “B” can use it in Texas at the same time with each only receiving the calls from callers in their area.
Your market area refers to where you are able to service clients. This area could be as small as one county or encompass several states or nationwide. By only licensing your market area you ensure that every call you get will be one you can take action on.
Calls originating from outside of your licensed territory will either go to another licensee or default to our offices.
Minutes on all Toll-Free numbers are charged at $0.0495 and are calculated throughout the billing period. Pre-paid minutes packages are available for customers that expect consistent high volumes of monthly calls. To discuss pre-paid minutes options, please give us a call at 1-800-350-1000.
Some toll-free numbers will be active in moments while others will need to be provisioned which takes 3-5 business days to complete. If you have licensed a toll-free number and have questions about its status, please email
No you cannot. The toll-free number must stay on our carrier due to complex routing and configurations.
Yes, you can. Once the customer dials that last number or letter the call will start completing regardless of what they press after the seventh digit.
Please send an email to

Local Number Questions

Use our search feature to find the number that you would like to purchase. You can search by state, area code, words, letters, or number patterns.
Porting is the process of moving a phone number from one carrier to another.
Yes, our local numbers can be ported to any mobile carrier.
Yes, lines can be ported to VoIP and traditional POTS/TDM.
Porting a local number to your carrier typically takes 7-10 business days however exact timing can vary based on the specific carrier.
There are no recurring charges once the number has been purchased however your carrier may have usage charges or other fees due, so please be certain to check with your individual carrier. If you choose to have Champion Communications handle Local Number Call Forwarding, monthly fees may apply.